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 Canada Research Centre Profile

We have opened Research and Development labs for transcending cutting edge technologies to provide solutions. For more information, email:

Artificial Intelligence Lab

Ai Lab develops the next-generation AI solutions. We focus on Healthcare Ai , Smart City Ai, Human Interaction Ai, Machine Ai. We focus on conducting theoretical, experimental, and applied investigations of intelligent systems. Current projects include research in rational decision making, distributed systems of multiple agents, machine learning, reinforcement learning, cognitive modeling, game theory, natural language processing, machine perception, healthcare computing, and robotics. Research in the Artificial Intelligence laboratory tends to be highly interdisciplinary, building on ideas from computer science, linguistics, psychology, economics, biology, controls, statistics, and philosophy.


Quantum Internet of Things (IOT) and Sensors Lab

IoT Lab facility is designed to bring the emerging IoT sector together as a Lab for innovation and collaboration. Entrepreneurs and businesses will have the space they need to bring the four key components of IoT solutions together: ideation, cloud data, edge hardware, and development. Through the Lab, these entrepreneurs and businesses will launch the technology solutions needed to meet the world’s growing tech needs. The Internet of Things (IoT) makes things smarter. A ‘thing’ is defined as any object used in daily life that can connect to the internet to collect and share data. The Internet of Things uses that data to make the ‘thing’ more efficient or beneficial for our lives.  IoT Lab is a research platform exploring the potential of crowdsourcing and Internet of Things for multidisciplinary research with more end-user interactions. It gives the power to the crowd to be at the core of the research and innovation process. It gives you the power to change the world and the way we understand it.


Quantum Analytics and Predictive-Prescriptive Cloud Lab

The lab focuses on development and applications of new age cloud technologies, private, public, hybrid cloud. It also focuses on Edge computing, Fog Computing and Predictive -Prescriptive analytics. The lab incorporates it own cutting edge multi million dollar inhouse data center for research and projects. Another focus of the lab is on Big Data and Quantum Analytics and leveraging it to solve problems.


Drone Tech Lab

This lab focuses on developing cutting edge Drone technologies using Artificial intelligence and IOT. The age of Drones is upon us.  The lab key focus areas are: Transportation, Arial works, Disaster recovery, Thermal imaging, Infrastructure deployment.


Robotics Lab

The Robitics lab focuses on Human centered robotics research, Human- Robot integration, research pertaining to all aspects of robotic manipulation and control, bipedal robotics, Soft Robotics, Medical Robotics, Industrial robotics , Ai-IOT infused Robotics, locomotion, nonlinear and hybrid systems, prosthetic design, indoor- outdoor robots and autonomous robots.


Augmented-Mixed Reality-Virtual Reality Lab

Augmented Reality- Virtual Reality Lab (AR-VR Lab) is dedicated to producing innovative expressive tools, research methods, interfaces and content that challenges cinematic and literary conventions and aim to enhance how people interact with their physical environment and with each other. We are particularly interested in studying the interactions between humans and VR/AR. We want to know how users perceive and behave in VR and AR, and how they are different from the real world (aka physical environment). We also explore the potentials in VR/AR for various real-world applications. We are an interdisciplinary research lab working to invent the future of Augmented Reality


Fintech Lab

Financial Technologies or “FinTech” is a new financial industry that applies technology to improve financial activities. It’s used to describe a variety of innovative business models and emerging technologies that have the potential to transform the financial services industry. Innovative FinTech business models typically offer specific financial products or services, traditionally offered by incumbent brokers or investment managers, in an automated fashion through the use of the internet.  Our Fintech lab focuses on development of Wealth Tech, Reg tech, Insure tech, Crypto currencies and Entreprise Tech.


3D Printing and Automated Manufacturing Lab

One of the advantages of 3D printing is that you can create parts that could not otherwise be machinable. 3D printing allows the designer a flexibility that is not afforded by most other means of machining. 3D Printing is a name associated with a form of manufacturing called additive manufacturing. Unlike traditional manufacturing methods, 3D printers don’t cut away, bend, or deform a raw stock of material into the desired shape. Instead they build up objects by selectively applying material in layers. This is done without the need for jigs, fixtures, dies, or molds. The additive process of 3D printing allows for the “free” fabrication of complex geometry. Our Lab is An experimental platform for engineers and developers to create, build, customize, and collaborate. The lab also focuses on Automating manufacturing using Ai, IOT and creating Digital Twins ecosystems


Blockchain Lab

Focuses on consulting and research in the field of Blockchain technology. Blockchain is among the most exciting recent developments in computer science.  While it has served the basis of the Bitcoin currency, it has significantly more potential because its also distributed database which is crypto-locked and has the potential to offer trust, security, and smart contracts to a new generation of internet applications. However, in its current state, there are still technical and policy challenges yet to be resolved before its full potential can be realized.  The Blockchain lab is working to establish new emerging sectors through applied research into the following problems and projects.

I.        Creation of truly mobile blockchain applications

II.       Scalability of the blockchain itself in terms of both number of nodes and transaction speed

III.      Ability for broader smart contract creation and execution

IV.     Policy and regulatory issues in blockchain


SMART Agritecture Lab

With urbanization on the rise and our growing concerns for the current food systems in place we are seeing technology set to play a larger role. With this increasing move from countryside to city our relationships to our food sources are becoming jeopardized and as a result people are turning their hand to growing for themselves, finding unique and smart ways to grow within the city. urban agriculture movement using high tech smart methods, such as hydroponics, aquaponics and aeroponics, soil based farming is the FUTURE.

We design IOT and AI infused sustainable food systems to solve problems, create more and use less. As the world urbanizes, we see our cities as places with opportunity, to experiment and develop food systems that make people and spaces healthier. We work to educate and inspire people and communities to co-design food systems that work for everyone and that produce more than they consume; reducing our food mileage and carbon footprints and infusing it with Architecture.


Space Tech Lab

The purpose of Space Lab is to advance human space exploration through space science research and technology development.

  1. Space Crop Production Systems: While growing plants for food, a space greenhouse has the added benefit of removing CO2 from the habitat, providing O2 for the crew, and optionally, recycling waste-water. Space Lab has experience with the design and development of environmentally controlled cultivation systems (greenhouses).
  2. Space Architecture: Space Lab has expertise in space architecture, the theory and practice of designing and building inhabited environments in outer space.
  3. Astronaut Training Program
    1. Structures and Deployment: From developing hardware for the extreme vibration environment of sounding rockets to re-settable deployment mechanisms, Space Lab offers mechanical design and analysis to support your mission needs.


Water-Solar Energy Tech Lab

Water will be the most valuable resource in 2028. Our lab focuses on Water conservation, Water Cleansing, Water Systems using IOT and Artificial intelligence and water generation. In the energy space, the lab focuses on solar energy, New age energy storage technologies and iot infused solar energy grids.



The lab focuses on combining cutting egde technologies of IOT, Artificial intelligence, Quantum Analytics, Augmented-virtual reality and Robotics in the field of healthcare to develop applications and solutions for transformations of healthcare services.