Education 4.0 Tours

Canada Research Centre organizes education and Industry tours/visits.
We are not providing any Tourist tours
Upcoming Tour in June 2018:
Departure: India
Destination: United Kingdom

  1. Day 1,2 & 3: Attend 2 classes at Oxford University, Said Business School, England      ( Total 8 Hours)
  2. Day 4: Visit Additive Manufacturing – 3D Printing Facility
  3. Day 5: Visit Cambridge University, England
  4. Day 6: Visit Cultural Site in England
  5. Day 7 & 8: Attend “ Day in life of a Londoner”. Visit Microsoft offices in London.
  6. All Visas, Air-Tickets, Meals, Accommodation will be arranged by CRC. 2 Professors to accompany the group


For More information regarding costs and others, please email: