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  • Digital Social systems( Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp)
  • Behavioral and Emotional health
  • Performance Coaching
  • Influential Communication

The evolution of modern day Internet from Arpanet in the 1960’s has been nothing less of a miracle. Today, our social networks have transformed into digital platforms of communication and friendships. These digital social systems Like Facebook, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snap Chat and Twitter are generating vast number of datasets, changing our behaviors, increasing and accumulating human knowledge and redefining our relationships.  Our lifestyle choices and habits are changing our health patterns. Obesity and Depression are projected to be the two biggest global diseases by 2030. Developing positive emotional and mental health will be critical in the future. Getting rid of diseases, epidemic, creating community- preventive health mechanisms and increasing lifespans and good health are global sustainable goals. Internet of Things is predicted to disrupt health analytics. Healthcare financing, technology, management and laws will define healthcare markets. Canada Research Centre aims to partner in the area of social sustainability. We invite Government, Public institutions, Private Institutions, Academic Institutions, Research Organizations, Business, Non- Profit Organizations and Industry Associations to partner with us in:

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