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  • Afforestation
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  • SMART Food Supply Chains
  • SMART Water Supply Chains

Earth’s environment is a miracle amongst planetary systems surrounding us. It’s the only planet that support diverse lifeforms and ecosystems. The Air we breathe is getting polluted, the water we need is getting scare. By 2030, only 50% of drinking water is projected to be available for mankind. The requirement for food is set to grow exponentially as earth’s population crosses 9 billion habitants. The animal species that have been habitants of earth longer than humans are going extinct at a rapid pace because of humans. Technologies such as Afforestation to counter deforestation, Ocean Fertilization to give back to our oceans and Space reflectors to protect us from radiations will become more important in the future. Environmental pollutions are symptoms of human existence. Earth’s resources are getting exhausted at a rapid pace. Materials such as Chrome, Zinc, Copper and Iron are expected to go extinct by 2040. New technologies to create biological, structural and environment friendly materials are being discovered.   Canada Research Centre aims to protect our planet in this journey of human existence. We invite Government, Public institutions, Private Institutions, Academic Institutions, Research Organizations, Business, Non- Profit Organizations and Industry Associations to partner with us in:  

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