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Human history has shaped our modern-day existence as we head towards an ever-increasing multicultural society. Human Migrations, Wars, Trade, Race, Religion, Values, beliefs, Diversity, and Philosophy are shaping our societies and countries. In the Fourth Industrial Revolution, man and machine are heading for singularity. How we express ourselves in this age of technology will define our existence in coming decades. Languages are changing from alphabet to binary digits in today’s world. Computation Linguistics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are bound to transform our everyday experiences. One of the biggest challenges facing humanity is the role of ethics in both the human and machine world. Ethics is diversifying itself into Moral Ethics, Business Ethics, Bio Ethics and, Eco-Ethics Digital Ethics.   Canada Research Centre considers the experiences that make us human as quintessential for human existence. We invite Government, Public institutions, Private Institutions, Academic Institutions, Research Organizations, Business, Non- Profit Organizations and Industry Associations to partner with us in:  

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